IT Park University
The first university in Uzbekistan Offering a Hybrid Learning Format, Focused on Practical IT Education.
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    Educational programs
    ITPU academic programs offer up-to-date education in the field of information technology. Our teaching methods align with the evolving needs of the labor market, ensuring they remain relevant and current
    Bachelor's Degree
    Master's Degree
    Software Engineering
    Software Engineering
    Kickstart your IT career with a Bachelor’s Degree from ITPU. Undertake 4 practical internships and learn directly from practicing IT specialists during your studies.
    Elevate your professional skills and broaden your career horizons with ITPU's Master's Degree program.
    International internships
    ITPU students regularly participate in international internships at EPAM offices located in countries such as Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and others.

    This opportunity allows students to gain invaluable work experience abroad and significantly broaden their horizons.
    ITPU is proud of the opportunity to provide students with access to advanced technologies and consolidate theoretical knowledge in practice.
    UpSkill Corporate Training
    ITPU’s specialized UpSkill courses daim to boost the professional skills of corporate employees.

    Our goal is to help your company remain competitive by providing your team with the latest IT skills and knowledge.
    Advanced training
    Preparation for admission to ITPU
    You can prepare for exams in mathematics and English in courses from our MySchool partners.

    Applicants completing the course successfully can enroll at ITPU directly, bypassing the entrance exams.
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