Software Engineering
Become an expert in Software Engineering with our Master’s program by choosing from three specializations: Solution Architecture, Cloud and DevOps, or Data Processing and AI. Your career growth starts here.
Master’s degree
Language of study:
Tuition fee:
1.5 years
20 000 000 soum per semester
Gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on skills at IT Park University
IT Park University is the pioneer of practical education in Uzbekistan’s IT landscape. Established through a collaboration between EPAM Systems, a global IT leader, and IT Park under the Ministry of Digital Technologies of Uzbekistan, we’re redefining IT education with a focus on real-world application and industry relevance.
about the university:
Discover Our Program
By merging academic knowledge with real-world application, we empower you to sharpen analytical skills and gain a thorough grasp of theoretical concepts. Embrace the chance to tackle challenges and drive innovations in programming, unlocking exciting avenues for career advancement.
Led by seasoned mentors and lecturers, our Master's program promises an immersive blend of theory and practical experience.
Benefits of the program
Holistic Perspective
Holistic Perspective
Our curriculum integrates innovative concepts, ensuring graduates grasp the latest industry advancements.
Industry Mentorship
Industry Mentorship
Collaborating with industry experts enriches students' understanding of real-world technology.
Strong Scientific Component
Strong Scientific Component
From the first semester, students gain research experience and contribute to specialized solution development.
Interdisciplinary Approach
Interdisciplinary Approach
The program seamlessly combines diverse domains, providing a competitive edge in the job market.
Practice-Oriented Nature
Practice-Oriented Nature
We bridge academic-industry gaps, generating new knowledge to tackle real-world challenges.
In-Demand Specializations
In-Demand Specializations
Our graduates will be able to create systems that enhance the competitiveness and efficiency of any business.
Career Prospects
Career Prospects
After completing the Master's Program, graduates can pursue diverse careers or further academic advancement.
Key Domains
The program provides three specialization options: Solution Architecture, Cloud and DevOps, and Data Processing and AI, each tailored to meet specific programming requirements.
& DevOps
The domain empowers students to design robust software solutions. Through in-depth exploration, they gain a comprehensive understanding of architectural principles, preparing them to tackle complex challenges in software engineering.
By integrating Cloud services and promoting DevOps methodologies, graduates are well-prepared to drive innovation and streamline development processes in a dynamic technological landscape.
Data Processing
and AI
Graduates from this domain are empowered to navigate the data-centric landscape, drive the development of AI-driven applications, and propel the forefront of software engineering.
Employment Opportunities
Our program prepares graduates for various roles in the IT sector, encompassing software and application developers and analysts, systems analysts, web developers as well as database and system administrators.
1st Semester
Advanced Software Engineering
Foundations of AI and Machine Learning
Advanced Business Analysis
Elective Disciplines:
2nd Semester
Effective Client Communication and Presentation Strategies
Deep Learning, Generative AI and applications
Elective Disciplines:
3rd Semester — Final project
Public Cloud Computing and Infrastructure Automation
Solution Architecture Practices
Technology Domains
International Research Project supervised by experienced academic advisors
Machine Learning Engineering
Advanced Data Software Engineering
Strategic Testing Management
Leadership and Management Foundations
System administration and DevOps Essentials
Solution Architecture Basics
Data Software Engineering Basics
How education will be provided?
We strive to combine the best methodologies and innovative practices to maximize learning effectiveness
The online format revolutionizes master's degree education, providing flexibility for students to balance studies globally.
"Learn" offers continuous access to program details, support, and communication tools, serving as a comprehensive learning management system."
Online format
Interactive learning platform
The program immerses students in English learning for effective communication, vital in today's global IT landscape.
Customizable study hours enable individuals to balance academics, work, family, and personal interests effectively, optimizing performance for academic success.
English language
Flexible Schedule
Embark on your career journey with ITPU
Admission to the ITPU
To join the Master’s program, you are expected to meet the following requirements:
1) Possession of a Bachelor's degree
Further steps:
1) Submit an online application
2) Provide electronic copies of essential documents
3) Pass English language testing (for the applicants without B2-level certificate)
20 000 000 soum
per semester
2) Proficiency in English (B2 level or higher)
3) Completion of an interview
4) Undergo the interview with Subject-Matter Experts
5) Receive an invitation to formally sign the Agreement with the University
Application deadlines:
September 9,
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