The team of our university
Our mission is to equip students with the most relevant knowledge and skills, ensuring they remain competitive in the labor market.
The Supervisory Board
Farkhod Ibragimov
Director of IT Park Uzbekistan
Renat Akhtyamov
Head of EPAM Uzbekistan
Ben Bederson
Rector of IT Park University
Sandra Locklin
Chief Scientific Officer, EPAM
Dmitry Yarmak
Head of EPAM University, EPAM
Natalia Soboleva
Head of EPAM Global Campus
Yuri Antonyuk
Vice President of EPAM
University Management
Ben Bederson
Rector of the University
Bokhodir Ayupov
General Director
Mikhail Bogatyrev
Chief Operating Officer
Konstantin Ovsyannikov
Academic Director
Tatiana Lee
Head of HR Department
Vasily Osetrov
Director of Student Relations
Sobir Kholmatzhonov
Director of the Admissions Committee
Rustam Sunnatullaev
Head of UpSkill
Svyatoslav Kulikov
Senior Manager, EPAM
Andrei Starovoitau
Senior Front-End Developer, EPAM
Tatiana Slednikova
Senior Software Engineer, EPAM
Abdulmalik Mamirov
Senior Java Developer, EPAM
Isaiev Anton
Systems Architect, EPAM
Viktoria Mironova
Team Leader,
Senior Java Developer, EPAM
Vadim Markov
Senior Java Developer, EPAM
70% of our faculty are active programmers from the international IT company, EPAM. Teachers know from their own experience exactly what is in demand in the labor market and teach students modern technologies.

This approach ensured that students acquire the most relevant knowledge, making them sought-after specialists in the global market upon graduation.
IT Park University, Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Makhtumkuli Street, 1A