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EPAM UpSkill: A Trusted Partner in the professional growth of your business.
EPAM UpSkill
EPAM UpSkill is a training and development program designed for companies seeking to train and develop their team in the field of IT and digital transformation. Our expertise, relevant programs, and mentoring support will help your company reach new heights in the development of technical skills and talent management.
About the training:
Why choose EPAM UpSkill?
With more than 25 years of experience, we are leaders in software development, renowned technologies.
A Personalized Approach
A Personalized Approach
Our programs are designed to meet the specific needs of companies, allowing them to develop the digital skills and capabilities of their employees as effectively as possible.
Practical Experience
Practical Experience
We offer practical assignments, mentorship, and real-world projects, enabling employees to directly apply their new knowledge in their work.
Our training programs yield tangible results right from the start, continuing to offer benefits in the mid-term.
Our educational programs
EPAM UpSkill offers comprehensive programs for the development and professional growth of your company, targeting both novice specialists and senior management.
Beginner level courses:
Beginner level courses will give your company's employees fundamental knowledge and skills in one of the following specializations:
Under the guidance of a practicing expert, your employees will master HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the proccess of transforming a design layout into a fully-functional project.
The course will teach your team a versatile programming language to create robust and secure applications and websites
Your professionals will gain the knowledge they need to analyze business needs and use technology to take your company to the next level
The Pro level courses:
The Pro level courses are designed to enhance the skills of experienced professionals and open up new opportunities for business development.
Business Analysis
and Business Intelligence
Employees will gain skills in analyzing business processes and data, as well as the ability to make informed strategic decisions based on accurate information. This will help to improve business efficiency, optimize operations, and identify new opportunities for company growth.
The course develops key skills for product management, such as market analysis, development planning, and teamwork. It also improves leadership skills for effective project and team management.
Your specialists will master the best engineering practices in order to create an architecture for working with large amounts of data and optimize the process of collecting and analyzing information.
The course will teach the knowledge and skills needed by a cloud technology and DevOps engineer, which will help develop and structure the development process, allowing the company to quickly prepare reliable software products.
The solution architecture will help your organization find an engineering solution to the problem. The solution architect is responsible for the search, development and presentation of the technical vision of the work plan of action.
The UpSkill IT English courses
The UpSkill IT English courses will help improve English language skills in the field of information technology. Your company’s employees will expand their vocabulary in the IT field, improve their understanding of technical terms and learn how to communicate effectively in English in a professional environment.
IT English A2/A2+
IT English B2
It is intended for those who already have basic knowledge of English and want to expand their vocabulary and communication skills in the context of information technology.
It is necessary for those who already have an advanced level of English and strive for a deep understanding of terminology and concepts in the field of information technology.
Project interviews
With this course, you will be able to gain practical skills, feedback and confidence to successfully complete interviews for positions in project teams.
Any other questions?
If you're interested or have any questions, please submit a request. We're eager to discuss your business's specific needs and find the best solution for you.
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