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Impressions of IT Park University students from an internship in Spain

In May, first- and second-year students from IT Park University completed an internship at EPAM Systems, one of the world's leading IT product developers, in Spain. The best students were able to see how the work process is organized in EPAM's offices in three different cities, exchange experiences, and participate in a number of training sessions and workshops led by European IT professionals. Read on for more details about the internship.
This year, 8 grants were awarded for international internships for first- and second-year students. Previously, IT Park University had already organized an international internship in Lithuania and Poland in 2023. This time, the selection process was based on academic achievement, merit in the IT field, active participation in university life, and a motivational video. The university fully funded the internship.
"I have recently joined IT Park University, and I can already say that student life here is very intense and interesting. During these two semesters, I have managed to participate in many events and training sessions organized by the university. The most significant of these was a trip to Spain for an internship, which was paid for by the university.

As a newcomer to the IT field, I spend all my free time learning programming and improving my skills. After seeing the work of EPAM testers firsthand, I realized that they constantly introduce new technologies into their workflow. I was impressed by the teamwork and friendly atmosphere among colleagues.

The continuous training and constant exchange of knowledge among specialists, which I witnessed during this internship and was even able to participate in, greatly inspired and motivated me. Now I am absolutely certain that I made the right decision. In the field of IT, I will be able to fully realize and develop my skills and creativity," says Nigorakhon Mamadalieva, a first-year student at the university.

The internship was held in the European offices of EPAM - the co-founder of IT Park University. Leading seminars and workshops were held by company practitioners, who shared their approach and techniques for solving various challenges.
“Since childhood, I have had a passion for computers and computer games. As early as 12 years old, I started creating websites using a free online constructor and selling them in exchange for in-game currency in various online games. This early interest in the IT field led me to pursue further education, and I saw IT Park University as an opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge.

IT Park University was founded relatively recently, meaning that their training programs are completely up-to-date. The university offers hybrid training, which allows me to combine my studies with other activities. This flexibility has been very convenient for me.

My internship in Spain provided me with the opportunity to experience a new level of skills and technology while working on projects. The internship was fully funded by IT Park University, adding to the overall positive experience. I was particularly impressed by the training session, where we were asked to write code exclusively using ChatGPT. We did not even write a single line of code manually, and it worked - it was a very useful and exciting experience!” - Leonid Voronin shared his thoughts and impressions of the experience.
An exciting and interesting workshop on the possibilities of artificial intelligence, conducted by Vladimir Khalutin, an architect of IT solutions, and Paulo Medel, a delivery manager, was the start of the internship training program.

In addition, students attended a software testing workshop led by Lidia Smirnova, head of the testing team. She talked about the methods of development that are relevant in the industry today and the role of a QA specialist in them.

The participants also attended an entertaining workshop on developing soft skills, which is a set of personal qualities and skills essential for successful cooperation on local and international markets and a world-class career. Azam Akhmedov, the HR manager, discussed the differences and similarities between cultures, the importance of a responsible and conscientious approach to business, communication skills for teamwork, and time management.
"My student life is very interesting and eventful. I am currently preparing for an interview with Google to become the new leader of the GDSC - we have already created a motivational video for the selection process. In addition to my studies, I participate in various IT events, hackathons, and look for grants to gain experience and advance along my path. Since my childhood, I have had a strong interest in technology, especially the IT world. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by how technology works, the internet, and the world of progress. I found the perfect opportunity at IT Park University - it is a hybrid learning institution that allows me to study wherever I am. Studying at university does not stop me from finding employment and pursuing other activities.I am a full-stack developer who recently graduated from a project management course to develop my leadership and management skills. During my internship, I received an invitation to interview with EPAM Systems. Their offices and laboratories were among the places we visited. Upon arrival in Uzbekistan, I was interviewed and now I am waiting for the start of my studies," Shokhista Rakhimova shared. Every student of the internship group was interested in visiting the EPAM hardware laboratory in a small town called Caceres. During the tour of the laboratory, students were visually introduced to its main activity — software development for streaming services. Luis Fernando Melon, Architect of IT solutions, and Claudia Ramos were happy to answer many questions from the participants and even introduced them to the laboratory staff.
The program also included a cultural excursion to Spain, a country known for its many world-renowned artists. The students visited the Picasso Museum in Malaga, where they admired the beauty of the city center, outskirts, and historic buildings, as well as enjoyed the natural beauty of Andalusia. In addition to this, the excursion included visits to locations where scenes from the popular TV series "Game of Thrones" were filmed, as well as the central district of Madrid, the capital of Spain.

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