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How to enter a university majoring in IT while in 11th grade

IT Park University is running preparatory online courses with automatic enrollment into a bachelor's degree upon successful completion. Applicants can improve their math and English skills to the required level and become students at a prestigious...
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Case: How a Freshman from IT Park University created a bot with embedded AI for quick answers to applicants' questions

The bot that answers applicants' questions was presented to Arkady Dobkin, the founder of EPAM Systems, and is currently being integrated into the university's Telegram bot. Learn more about how the student trained the model and optimized the co...
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We invite everyone to the ITPU Student Festival

At the festival, first-year students, applicants, and their parents will be able to get acquainted with the university's student life and the world of IT. Meet the participants: – Management and staff of the university; – Current EPAM dev...
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Congratulations to the state grant winners

According to the results of the entrance exams, twenty applicants became happy owners of the state grant. Winner IDs: 7683 5959 7414 8006 7060 8145 9426 9483 6625 4976 5015 9032 6807 8849 6986 5126 7139 6556 5382 6917 ...
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IT Park University also considers the state exam results.

Now, you have the opportunity to enter our university based on the results of state exams! You only need to provide exam results with correct answers to: - 20 questions in the English Language; - 15 math questions. Submit your documents no...
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Attention, students, and applicants of IT Park University!

We are happy to announce the start of the new academic year for our first and second-year students: 1 course - September 25 2 course - September 11 More information about the curriculum for the upcoming academic year can be found at the link:...
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From a dream towards offer

Working in large technology companies in the US and Europe is a dream for many. The industry giants offer excellent opportunities to implement ambitious plans but require appropriate training, knowledge, and experience. They can be obtained at IT Park U...
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How to get financial support for education?

Loans for studying at a university can be obtained from a bank. They are issued to citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan admitted to full-time departments of higher educational institutions on a fee-based contract basis. Simple steps to obtaining a ...
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How to become a happy recipient of a state grant at ITPU?

In total, 20 grant places are provided for applicants who have applied for admission in the 2023/2024 academic year. Required steps for participation in the grant competition: Apply for admission to IT Park University. Successfully pass the...
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Disclamer: ITPU Assistant answers

IT Park University (in the future referred to as the "University") provides an additional function in the form of an assistant in the Telegram bot called "ITPU Assistant," which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide answers to...
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Foundation is opened 2023_1100х609_EN.png

IT Park University announces the start of the application process for preparatory courses!

Foundation Studies prepares applicants for guaranteed undergraduate admission to IT Park University. The main goal of this course is to help students prepare for the university's academic life by working out the knowledge and skills that will ...
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State scholarships for education at IT Park University

The Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan provides scholarships that cover the full cost of a three-year study at IT Park University. Scholarships will only be available to applicants who has entered ITPU for the 2023/2024 academic year. There ...
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Partnership with Google Cloud_1100x609_EN.png

EPAM Announces Strategic Global Partnership with Google Cloud to Help Enterprises Modernize and Transform with the Power of AI

Through this partnership EPAM will expand its global, cloud-native engineering and integration services and introduce targeted vertical solutions and managed services around Google Cloud AI solutions, including Vertex AI, Generative AI App Builder, Mode...
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Polish Program Internship in Europe_1_1100x609_ru (2).png

Internship program in Poland

The team of IT Park University in cooperation with EPAM office in Poland developed a program for first-year students, who won the grant for internship in Europe. The program is designed so that students can learn more about IT and boost their practical ...
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Lithuanian Program Internship in Europe_1_1100x609_ru (1) (3).png

Internship program in Lithuania

The team of IT Park University in cooperation with EPAM office in Lithuania developed a program for first-year students, who won the grant for internship in Europe. First of all, students will get to know more about EPAM: how the office and work pr...
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ITPU first Chat GPT_1100x609_en.png

ITPU — the first university in Uzbekistan, which introduces artificial intelligence in education

IT Park is introducing the use of artificial intelligence based on ChatGPT into the curriculum. This cutting-edge technology will improve the learning process, make it more interesting, personalized and effective. Here are the examples of ChatGPT integr...
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Start of Documents Admission for 2023/2024 academic year

IT-Park University’s admission campaign for the 2023/2024 academic year has started. Get higher education in IT-field for 3 years! The best students will intern in Europe and USA, and will also be offered jobs at EPAM company, one of the world’s leade...
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Congratulations to the grant owners for internships in Europe!

Eight first-year students of the IT-Park University are the happy owners of a grant for an internship in Poland and Lithuania, which will be held from April 21 to May 1.  By decision of special committee, internship grants are given to the followin...
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Visit of CEO of IT Park University to the regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan

From February 9 to 28, CEO, Bohodir Ayupov, will visit the regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan to strengthen relations with representatives of the local government and IT-Park residents in the field of education and familiarize themselves with the con...
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Learn now and pay later. IT Park University signed a memorandum with IT Bilim.

IT Park University and the IT Knowledge Development Center IT Bilim signed a memorandum of cooperation. This makes it possible to receive installments for courses. You can just start studying and make the first payment after the end of the course...
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Edu-Action Memorandum WEB (2).png

Signed a memorandum with Edu-Action Exams Centre

Dear applicants, we announce the signing of a memorandum between IT Park University and Edu-Action Exams Centre. This makes it possible to pass face-to-face testing in the English language Linguaskill. Linguaskill is a quick and convenient test that ...
Timurbek Nurmatov
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Take an internship at EPAM European offices this year

From April 21 to May 1, EPAM offices in Poland and Lithuania will accept eight IT Park University students for internships. Students will travel as a group accompanied by ITPU representatives. At first they will visit Latvia, and then will be divi...
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Overview of in-demand IT professions at UpSkill courses

From February 6 to February 10, every day at 16:00 we are waiting for you at webinars dedicated to IT English, For Beginners, Cloud&DevOps, Big Data, Engineering Excellence courses. At the webinars you will learn: – How can an IT specialist ...
Timurbek Nurmatov
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Congratulations to the grant winners! From 24 to 26 October in Samarkand at the ICT WEEK Uz...

Congratulations to the grant winners! From 24 to 26 October in Samarkand at the ICT WEEK Uzbekistan exhibition, certificates were awarded to grant winners. ICTWEEK UZBEKISTAN is one of the most important events that has been held on an annual ...
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Meeting with ITPU Rector Dr. Benjamin Bederson

Meeting with ITPU Rector Dr. Benjamin Bederson On October 28, IT Park University hosted an event where students met Rector Benjamin Bederson, Professor Emeritus of Computer Science in the scope of Human-Computer Interaction and Software Development. ...
Timurbek Nurmatov
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Winners of the grant from MRITK

Congratulations to the winners of the grant from MRITK List of winners: 1. Farrukh Gayipov 2. Javokhir Makhkamov 3. Dilshodbek Isokjonov 4. Abdulkhodiy Rakhmonov 5. Kamolbek Qadamov 6. Otabek Eshpo'latov 7. Asadbek Savronov 8. Diyora Da...
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ITPU Orientation Day 2022

ITPU Orientation Day 2022 Team building for IT Park University students took place in Tashkent as a part of Orientation Week. The purpose of this event was to introduce students to each other and improve personal development skills.  With the h...
Timurbek Nurmatov
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Grants from the Ministry for the Development of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the best ITPU applicants

Grants from the Ministry for the Development of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the best ITPU applicants We are pleased to announce an IT Park University educational grant for the 10 most deserving appl...
Ольга Лукашова
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IT Park University continues the admission procedure until September 22

IT Park University continues the admission procedure until September 22 and starts a new pre-university program to let students apply for the first year of the full degree in February 2023. This pre-university program is intended for those students ...
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IT Park University: the new online university in Uzbekistan

IT Park University is being established in accordance with the instruction of Uzbekistan’s President Shavkat Mirziyoyev and the resolution Cabinet of Ministers No. 297 (“On the creation of a digital educational establishment IT Park University”) dated 0...