IT Park University News

From a dream towards offer

Working in large technology companies in the US and Europe is a dream for many. The industry giants offer excellent opportunities to implement ambitious plans but require appropriate training, knowledge, and experience. They can be obtained at IT Park University (ITPU), established on behalf of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.
Bohodir Ayupov, CEO of IT Park University:
— The modern world is a world of endless possibilities and innovations. No matter where you live, you can make a career in any country if you are inspired and motivated. IT Park University is a place for those who dream of big tech in Europe and the USA. This place is where trends emerge, and technologies are created. Our practice-oriented approaches are designed to open the doors of the most prestigious foreign companies to ITPU graduates.

ITPU graduates have several advantages in the labor market: a portfolio with confirmed cases, experience in international teams, and knowledge of advanced solutions and technologies. The university achieves this through 3 elements of the educational process.
  • Interaction with EPAM software engineers: an experienced mentor on a student project
IT Park University was founded in partnership with EPAM, one of the world leaders in developing IT products. Its engineers and developers work on the challenges of Forbes Global 2000 clients.

The company's current software engineers supervise the projects of IT Park University students. They share knowledge, suggest effective work methods, and help identify gaps and fill them. Working with an experienced mentor ensures a sharp increase in students' skills.
  • Internships from the first year: work in European and American offices of EPAM
Internships strengthen the theoretical base and give the first experience working on tasks in an international team. This year they were held in Lithuania and Poland. EPAM employees hosted workshops and seminars.

In the senior years, students during the internship will be involved in ongoing projects of the European and American offices of EPAM. This experience will allow them to study current trends, master advanced technologies and working methods, and build a portfolio from actual cases.

Therefore, a foreign internship allows you to make valuable contacts in the IT industry. A student can become a full member after graduation by working with the EPAM team during the summer internship. Currently, 700+ vacancies are open on the company's global website. Most offer remote work, so no geographical restrictions exist on building a successful international IT career.
  • Summer internships: training programs from world experts
Uzbekistan is one of the countries participating in the EPAM School of Digital Engineering (ESDE) project. This program allows you to deepen your knowledge and gain practical skills that complement the theoretical base acquired in the classroom. Experienced engineers and project managers teach how to look for solutions to non-trivial problems and guide the example of confirmed cases. Thus, ITPU students, after receiving a diploma, enter the labor market as qualified specialists. They understand how to create products and interact with the team.
Benjamin Bederson, ITPU President, Ph.D. in Computer Science and Professor at the University of Maryland (UMD):
— Now, one of the main areas of my work is the development of the EPAM School of Digital Engineering, including at IT Park University. In this project, I put the maximum of my knowledge and experience in online education for IT professionals. I am confident that our practice-based approach is exactly what the modern student needs.

We focus on new ways of working and practical knowledge relevant to the IT professional right here and now. Our students become remote, and there are different approaches to building the educational process on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Sandra Locklin, a Harvard graduate with a Ph.D. in educational psychology and learning analytics, leads program development for ESDE. ITPU students participated in workshops and mentoring sessions this summer, made course projects, developed applications, and worked in teams as part of the ESDE Summer Camp 2023.